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Date Registered: 05-2017
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Beware fitting aftermarket swaybar links

A lot of the aftermarket swaybar links for the X-eys come with new fasteners, that is, a single Nyloc nut.

In some vehicles this may be ok, but when you remove the OE links on the X-ey, you'll notice that they have a single washer on the **other side** of the bar from the nut. The OE nut has no washer, and no locking function either.

No doubt many a mechanic will omit the old rusty washer when switching these over, thinking the new Nyloc will do the job.

But it won't. The washer is on the link side (not the nut side) of the bar to allow the shoulder on the link to have adequate purchase on the bar. Without it, the link will wear into the bar and loosen over time. Strange noises that are very hard to troubleshoot then begin and get worse because play is increasing in the connection.

You can be forgiven for thinking the noise is sway bar mountings, centre-bearing, ball joints, bearings, struts, any of the drivetrain or suspension mounts... it is that worrying it souds dangerous quite quickly. But once you tighten the swaybar links the noise goes away or at least reduces. The fix is to reinstall the factory washer on the link side of the joint, and to use a new Nyloc or the original nut- and tighten it properly, again.

Best option is to use the old fastener and washer in the same place they originally were with the new link. Be absolutely sure to tighten the nut against with a 6mm hex wrench holding the shaft of the link, good and tight.

Last edited by roid, 14/Jan/2021, 7:48 am

05 T30 ST-X Auto
205/75x16 A/Ts on 6.5" ET40
200k: Refreshed suspension,fuel, ignition & cooling systems
Often good & dirty as is lifted 35mm on Sachs Automatics & poly bushings
Northern Sydney, NSW
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