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Date Registered: 05-2017
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Whiteline suspension bits, offset bushing kits to correct alignment

I used Whiteline KCA-414 camber bolts to ensure the right camber setting after raising the car 35mm, but noticed that they make other suspension items for the T30 that are very handy to retain alignment after fitting a lift kit:

Later on found they also make a few other things for the T30 too:

W53426 Front Caster correction - control arm lower inner rear bushing
W53424 Front Control arm - lower inner front bushing
W53425 Front Control arm - lower inner rear bushing

W63216 Rear Control arm - rear inner & outer bushing

These are a much better option than using camber correction bolts which are not as strong as the OE bolts.

T30 specific brochure from the Whiteline site:

You guys probably know about this stuff already, but its the only T30 specific aftermarket suspension parts I've found that allow any geometry correction, other than the offset bushings SuprePro make

Last edited by roid, 13/Jan/2021, 9:36 pm

05 T30 ST-X Auto
205/75x16 A/Ts on 6.5" ET40
200k: Refreshed suspension,fuel, ignition & cooling systems
Often good & dirty as is lifted 35mm on Sachs Automatics & poly bushings
Northern Sydney, NSW
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