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Date Registered: 03-2020
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T31 EGR / DPF / PCM? - P0409 - P0488 - P1436 - P2101 - Banging my head on a brick wall!

Any help would literally prevent me from going crazy! Long time lurker and some of you have saved my ass so I'm thankful I can bounce some things off you guys and hopefully get pointed in any kind of direction!
In October I was hit by a truck doing 100km and my Golf was destroyed. No longer felt comfortable driving small cars, got an X Trail T31 (2009 diesel 2.0l) because it was a bit bigger. Absolutely love it. But it’s had error codes since day one (due to a dealer being dodgy it only ended up costing me $3k which is great, so I’m happy enough). Now, it has no symptoms at all as far as I can tell, aside from the MIL and DPF lights being on and the codes it throws. Drives like a dream. Never misses a beat. Fuel economy is amazing (getting upwards of 900km on a tank of diesel) and there’s no issues with power, idling, limp mode or anything.

These are the error codes:
P0409 / P0488 - EGR
P1436 - Regen failed to complete
P0571 - BPP SW
P1525 - Cruise Control
P2101 - ETC

Worth noting over 9000km has been driven since I got it, and the DPF light hasn’t flashed, or gone red, and the car has never gone into limp mode which makes me feel like it is perhaps actually doing the regeneration? I did have my mechanic do a force regeneration two times after 5000km though to clear the light but it pops back on within an hour of driving again showing P1436. I did consider I’d have to replace the dpf later down the track, but given the other codes and what I’ve mentioned, I’m not convinced the dpf is gone.

From my research, P1525 and P0571 can be triggered by EGR and DPF codes, as they disable cruise control. It’s also possible it’s the brake switch or PCM. Switches look fine, but if all else fails I can replace them down the track.

So. I replaced the throttle body. Cleared codes. MIL instantly back. Still getting P2101. I replaced the EGR valve (though it has a different connector so I removed the mechanical sensor part off the top of my old one and fitted it to the new valve, which was identical). Still getting codes P0409 and P0488 straight after clearing.

I have a new EGR valve arriving today with the correct plug, so I’ll be replacing that again with the new everything. I’ll also have a look at the EGR ports to ensure they’re not blocked. I’m not super confident this will fix the P0409 and P0488 codes but I know I won’t stop wondering until I try.

So I’m wondering, had anyone encountered any of these codes/issues or can take an educated guess what could be causing these. I feel it’s possible P0571 and P1525 are linked to each other, and possibly even triggered by one of the other codes, and like it’s possible the other 4 are all caused by one thing. It's been suggested they're cascading codes from one issue.
Other than the new EGR Valve coming, should I be considering a new PCM? Would that likely cause all these issues since they’ve been replaced and I’m getting the same codes? Or would DPFE or DPF Sensor possibly trigger the egr and throttle codes too? I don’t mind buying whatever I need to get it fixed, it’s the not knowing and replacing things to have zero change lol. Is there anything else I should be looking at that may cause these codes to be thrown?

Thanks for any thoughts or advice!
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Date Registered: 10-2006
Location: Mona Vale, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
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Re: T31 EGR / DPF / PCM? - P0409 - P0488 - P1436 - P2101 - Banging my head on a brick wall!

Hi Mark,

A quick google search has found there were many cases where most of these codes showed up as an indirect result of a boost leak, either a split in the hose or crack in the intercooler.
My advice would be to have your air intake system leak checked (usually smoke tested) and see what shows up.

Kev X450(c) T30 Guru
03 Titanium Ti T30 Series 1 **MODIFIED**
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12/Mar/2020, 9:34 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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