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Date Registered: 02-2020
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New stereo for T-31 with Xanavi, possible?

Hi all,

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and am considering buying an X-Trail. Link to the particular car: here

Because music is very important to me I would like to replace the stereo that's currently in there, if that's not possible it's a no deal for me. From what I understand the system that's currently installed is called Xanavi. I've been looking on AliExpress for a replacement and found a few that I really like. BUT... for some reason a few of them specifically mention that their system can NOT be used to replace the Xanavi system. Here are two links to such systems: scroll down a little and scroll down more here.

I have no idea what is different between the stereo in "Original Car 1" and "Original Car 2" from the first link but for some reason they have to be different, physically I would presume.

Is there anybody here on the forum who can enlighten me as to why this could be? It's a real bummer because if I knew for certain one of these stereos could replace the Xanavi one I would buy the car, but not if I'd be stuck with the Xanavi one as that would mean burning CD-ROMs again with MP3s on them, and having a useless Japanese navi.

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.
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