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Date Registered: 04-2015
Location: Western Riverina NSW
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posticon Wipers

I decided to change my wiper blades, and the R***o store kindly spent 10 minutes figuring out the right ones to sell me. Blades only would have to be ordered, so I bought the whole wiper blade assembly.
I thought that a quick search on Y**tube would have the wiper blades changed in no time.

First of all, there are about 4 different ways the T***o blades can be fitted to a vehicle. There are instructions on how to fit the blades in the packet but no information on how to get the old ones off.
A comment under this video makes it clear...."Installing them is not a problem,. You need a video on how to get the darned things off."

So they are a hook blade connector. You don't need the adaptor that comes with the T***o blades.
Lift the wiper off the screen; twirl it round; there is a little tab to press to release the blade.
It doesn't come because firstly I'm too short to force the blade off and secondly it's jammed with dirt. Hold that tab tight and force the blade out of the hook.

Now, putting the new one on takes about 15 seconds.
Total time 30 minutes for us, including trying to read the instructions (useless), searching Youtube and the Runboard forum!

At least next time I decide to do this, I'll be able to find my instructions.


2014 T32 XTrail
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