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Date Registered: 12-2010
Location: Macquarie Fields SYDNEY
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Re: T31 front RH inner CV boot change

Hi roid.

Was the $400 for the supply and fit of the pair of CV joints? That sounds like a fairly good price and Campsie is not that far for me to go. I am due for a major service in early March and I was thinking of asking my mechanic in Campbelltown what the cost would be for supply and fit of the 2 cv joints for my T31. I would just hope that any replacement after market CV joints etc would be entirely compatible with OEM parts.

I have had a slight shudder in the RHS for over a year now and the mechanic is aware of it but it has caused no issues to me.......only a slight shudder at take off and at sudden acceleration but not noticeable at normal driving speeds. Shudder was the likely result of having a split inner boot on the RHS shaft that was not noticeable until sometime after the grease had all but disappeared. A bit of wear and tear as a result but not critical.

My wife and I are driving to Darwin (covid allowing) around mid 2021 and I was thinking of replacing both shafts myself prior to the trip.....but if the "price is right" then i could rest my weary bones and have all done for me.

cheers and enjoy a very merry festive season.

Dave Peek
X-1756 (c)
2010 T31 ST-L (S2) CVT Precision Grey.
Tow Bar, bash plates, PEDDERS lift, YOKO GEO AT/S tyres.

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