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Date Registered: 09-2018
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oil cooler?

Hey all,
New owner of a T30 2005 (petrol)here and just been fixing up small things here and there. So far the CV, Bearings, Brakes, Struts and Springs and did and oil + filter change.
Which leads me to the problem.... Checked the oil and noticed a ZERO reading on the dipstick... Yes, I filled it up. So its burning but I cant find where.
Read on here people mentioned an oil cooler. Im looking and following the manual ive got (which hasn't led me wrong at all so far) and no where can I see where an oil cooler has been fitted.
So 1. did some models come without an oil cooler (I have a QR25...)
2. Where is my oil going? - I will be replacing the rocker cover next week, but find it had to believe 1 - 1.5l of oil is coming out of the seals in the top as only a small amount is shown around the top of some of the spark plugs. There is, however, a fair amount in the air intake right in front of the carb butterfly but none in the air filter box, which makes men think I lose some there, but not that much either.

Help is very much appreciated because im trying to get this thing ready for a trip to tassy, vic, and the coast.

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