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Date Registered: 06-2017
Location: Canberra, ACT
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posticon *Price Drop* RARE T30 TOWBAR - Hayman Reese CLASS 4 _50mm_ Hitch

Having sold my T30 and in urgent need of funds, (due to no income from illness and being unable to work since March), I need to sell off these parts which the buyer of the X-Trail couldn't afford with the car.

Now for a RARE find....
A GENUINE HAYMAN REESE 50mm Hitch Towbar, #1895R.

Hayman Reese Website Page - Specifications 1895R

The normal towbar on X-Trails is a small 40mm hitch, either the factory OEM one or aftermarket.

But this towbar is the 50mm 'standard' size used on the larger 4wd's. What this means is a MUCH higher CLASS4 Load Rating, PLUS the ability to use 50mm hitch items such as bike carriers, recovery accessories, etc.

"Street" Price is $695

A Bargain here for just $200.00!
Delivery within 100Km of Canberra ACT is free, freight at Buyers expense, but I will deliver to freight Depot, to reduce costs. (For an idea, it cost me $47 to ship 'Door-to-Door' from Melbourne to Canberra, as it's heavy and the shipper would not deliver to Depot. Shipping cost to Eastern States should be at least 15%, and up to 30% cheaper, depending if you can pickup from Depot.)

While I won't offer to fit for free, I will 'assist' if you are within 100Km of ACT, and should have all tools required to fit this.

And the full Hayman Reese FACTORY FITTING INSTRUCTIONS are included in the sale as well!




Last edited by Wiz Au, 27/Oct/2018, 6:55 am

2004 T30 series II, Ti (now sold)
JRR50 Pathfinder, QD32ETi Turbo Diesel, with 'lots o fruit'.
2012 Jeep Cherokee KK CRD Limited is current ride.
Will be looking for a white or silver 2011-2013 T31 TL (Diesel) to "pimp out".
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