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Date Registered: 06-2018
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Hi All,

After checking my speedo accuracy, which was 6% off ( when speedo indicates 100km, GPS speed is 94 km/h)
I checked the fuel consumption on board meter, and it is also around 6% off...When I calculate my average fuel consumption I get 12.2 Lt/100km whilst the onboard computer indicates 11.3 l/100km ! I use 40.2 litres of fuel for 330 km( as indicated on my trip counter ) If the trip counter is as per the speedo gauge than when it indicates 330 km , I only travelled 310.2 km meaning the real fuel consumption would be 12.9 lt/100km ( 12 % error !! ) Is this normal or my calculations are wrong? emoticon

T31 Series 3, QR25DE, M-CVT 4WD, SLX
K23 - Diamond Silver
225/55R18, Leather heated electric seats
Hyper roof rails, Xenon Headlamp
Built: 12:2012
26/Jul/2018, 12:24 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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