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Date Registered: 04-2014
Location: Central Coast NSW
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Rattle noise

Hi Guys;

I have had my exy for over 100,000 klm now and I have started to develop a bit of a noise that has me stumped.

As I accelerate (not every time, mostly uphill with light acceleration) I hear what can only be described as a tinny rattle.
Sort of like a piece of sheet metal vibrating against another piece of metal.

It seems to coincide with a light vibration from that car, but I think the vibration is causing the rattle, not the cause of the rattle, if that makes any sense.

If I hit the accelerator hard, the vibration and ensuing rattle does not happen.

Also on the flat, if I lightly accelerate, with little load, I seem to get the same noise, but a little more muted, probably because of road noise.
Again, if I plant it, no noise other than the throaty growl from the exhaust.

The car is not performing any different in any way and I'm getting great mileage 8.1-8.3 L/100k.

I have been all over the underside and there are numerous metal attachments to the exhaust some if you hit them sound similar, but I dont think these are vibrating and even if they are I cant make them any tighter.

Anyone got any suggestions?
Or should I just wrap the whole exhaust in exhaust wrap and hope for the best?

2010 T31 Series III 2.5 White Automatic CVT
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Date Registered: 03-2017
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Re: Rattle noise

Hi Valkie or anyone else who can help emoticon
I have what sounds like the same issue in my 2011 T31 petrol. Mine happens under light acceleration and sounds like something hitting a vibration resonance briefly and it never lasts more than a couple of seconds so hard to find. I thought it was exhaust cowlings and fixed them up but it is still there. Then I took off the catalytic convertor and checked its innards as I thought they might be rattling - they weren't, checked inside the flexible section closer to the engine with a borescope but couldn't find anything loose, so still stumped. Checked the CVT with the app, nothing wrong and no loose bearings in the transmission as far as I could tell by manual shaking.

It was only happening on mine when running on the road, which makes it hard to locate, safely at least, but I was moving off on a steep hill off-road the other day and it briefly occurred then while stationary so I might try and simulate that at home and listen underneath while my wife revs the engine with it in drive, risking murderous temptation I know but probably worth it emoticon .

Have you found a solution? Any assistance greatly appreciated!

7/Nov/2020, 11:35 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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