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Date Registered: 05-2007
Location: Dubbo, NSW
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Apple CarPlay solution for T32 series 2?

We are looking to buy a T32 S2 X-Trail to join our olde T30 which is about 10+ yrs old now. Probably looking at either a TI or TL. Mebbe a ST-L if finances don't stretch but certainly not the ST.

What we would really like though is a solution for adding Apple CarPlay to the T32 X-Trail?

Has anyone done this or have some suggestions for us? I found a Pioneer AVHZ2050BT that might work but not 100% sure. Happy to spend up to $1500 inc fitting so not really looking for budget option.

I guess my main concern is how much "NISSAN" stuff is integrated into the regular unit that might make it impossible to switch out? My mate had an olde BMW X5 and you basically cant upgrade anything due to its tight integration. The CarPlay option there is to buy a new BMW...

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MY05 TI Black Auto
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