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Date Registered: 04-2014
Location: Central Coast NSW
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Funny noise

Well, not quite funny, just not normal.

When just cruising, not under real load, but when just easing the accelerator.

I get a gurgling low rattle type of noise, seems to be coming from the exhaust.

At idle, nothing unusual.

At revs, no abnormality

Under load, even with the 1500kg boat on the back, sounds like it always does, no issues.

It's only just giving it a tiny bit of throttle and it sort of .....turtles, that's the only way I can describe it.

No Loss of any power at all and no other noises.

Love this car, 180000k on the clock, still runs like a dream.

2010 T31 Series III 2.5 White Automatic CVT
A vehicles real purpose in life is to tow a boat
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