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Date Registered: 06-2017
Location: Canberra, ACT
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McIntyres Hut NSW

Went for it's first little 4WD day trip to bed down all the new mods for the trip to Currango at the end of the month.

So far:
225/70/16 SL369 AT tyres on factory alloys. Custom made 2mm Galvanised roof brackets to attach ALDI Cross Bars and ProRack Alloy Roof Tray. 'FM Matson' VSR dual battery system with emergency start over-ride (38Ah AGM battery) with extra sockets in the back to run the fridge and compressor. Pioneer Bluetooth+Android compatible head unit & GME TX3620 Commercial programmable UHF radio in DIN fitting + Mobile1 Ground Independent 6dB stainless whip mounted to the 2.5m ALDI awning off the roof rails. The MaxTrax fit pretty well between the rack and the rear wing. Might make up some mounts with MaxTrax Pins for them.

I can say that I really missed having a low range transfer box. Some of this stuff was steep! Especially Waterfall and some of Webbs Ridge. And I rode this on my 650 Dakar bike and thought it was great fun! The little 2.5 petrol Exy only just made it over some of these climbs, especially where to 'roll-overs' pitch up just before going over.

But at least I never had to get the Hilux with me to pull me out of anything. It made it, but I now know this car is a lot less capable than my R50 Turbo Diesel Pathfinder that has low range and a LSD. These tracks were pretty much the limit of what this thing can do. If it had a low range transfer gear box, it would much better, but alas, can't do that with a FWD vehicle.

We had lunch at McIntyres Hut, admired the new steel and concrete toilet blocks, then went back along Webbs Ridge to Flea Creck and back up gentle Annie to home. As suspected Flea creek was busy for a long weekend, even on a Sunday. Passed 7 vehicles from the north coast 4wd club on Webbs Ridge, and a few on Dingi. What I thought would take about 4 hours, well, left at 10am and got home at 5pm and used a bit more than 1/2 tank of fuel. Certainly slower and 'longer' than on the Dakar bike!

A map of some of the tracks we took:
McIntyres Route Map

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2004 T30 series II, Ti (now sold)
JRR50 Pathfinder, QD32ETi Turbo Diesel, with 'lots o fruit'.
2012 Jeep Cherokee KK CRD Limited is current ride.
Will be looking for a white or silver 2011-2013 T31 TL (Diesel) to "pimp out".
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