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Date Registered: 02-2004
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New Photography Business and Offer

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the shameless plug but...

It's been a passion of mine for a number of years and my wife has finally managed to talk me into it and I thought the idea sounded good, since I'll be doing what I LOVE doing anyway emoticon

I have been photographing various aspects of life in all its colorful glory for a number of years now (actually since I was about 25 years of age) and this included overseas trips, people and parties for all family and relos but my main love for photography was all about nature, architecture and you guessed it....Bikes and Cars!

I have now set-up a photography business offering you and everyone else that shares the passion for cars and bikes the chance to capture your adventures or fun moments through my camera lens and the chance for you to frame that moment forever.

I mostly travel using my motorbike these days and get to see parts of Australia and the world I have never dreamed of visiting or seeing and that's the beauty of it I reckon.

I am offering all Sydney (or NSW) based members who are gathering together or going out for a ride (oops sorry, I mean Drive) emoticon an opportunity to have the moment captured through my lens. This can be a group shot or personalized photos for each of you along with your pride and joy.

For as little as $10 a photo (or a package deal price), you will get high resolution images that you can print in poster size to hang in your garage (or bedroom) LOL emoticon

Anyway, if you'd like to use my services or recommend me to anyone that might be interested, HERE is the website.

Thanks guys and I look forward to "shooting" you emoticon emoticon



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