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Date Registered: 12-2016
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Fuel Consumption

Hey guys,

First post up but I have searched through and can't find someone with a similar issue on the forums. I Have a 2004 Nissan X Trail ST with approximately 185000km. Never put anything less than 95 Octane unleaded fuel, but I've noticed ever since owning this car the low fuel warning light comes on ridiculously early. I'm talking after about 280-300km worth of driving. I can then continue to drive for an additional 150km before fill up because I just don't want to risk it...

So I usually reset my KM tracker so that I'm aware of how many kilometres i'm travelling per full tank so I can share my average distance per full tank.

My best would be 470KM out of 55 Litres of fuel, combination of city and high way driving.

So my questions are:
Is this normal that my fuel warning light is coming on so early?
How many litres is my tank? How many KM per Litre should my car be getting?
What can I do to sort it out? I service regularly and only put premium fuel in the tank.


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