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Date Registered: 10-2008
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T31 - Rear Suspension Issues

Hello All
My T31 is approaching 150,000 KMS and I feel that, due to the ride becoming a bit rougher, it may be time to look at replacing some suspension components. Now I am an ambo and I don't know a real lot about vehicle mechanics, so I am seeking the wisdom of other memebers here to help me out.

Firstly, I have trolled through some of the posts on this site and gained some info, however it has left me a little confused. Should I replace the shock absorbers with a new set of Nissan ones or look at something different?

Secondly, I tow a lightweight European caravan which has a ball weight of approx 100kgs. When travelling I also have a large portable fridge in the back and a few bits and pieces. I have noticed that the inside of both the rear tyres wear and I put this down to the weight on the back of the vehicle even though it is not a significant amount. I asked the guys at Beaurepaires when I got some new tyres and they said that it was a common problem and having 6 monthly tyre rotations will help with the issue. How well this will work remains to be seen. has anyone else had similar issues and if so, how did you go about resolving it?

Thanking you all in anticipation.




Graem X-1020

Previously 2008 T31 TS Diesel Manual

Now T32 TS Diesel Manual
11/Aug/2016, 12:16 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 02-2016
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
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Re: T31 - Rear Suspension Issues


I would first take the car to your local Pedders shop.

They can perform a suspension test for around $40.

Once you have their report lets talk some more....

There are many different components that could require replacement, and there are just as many variants available of all the components other than the standard Nissan gear.


Silver 2012 Series 5 4WD X-Trail
Very Modified.............
24/Aug/2016, 10:50 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 10-2017
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Re: T31 - Rear Suspension Issues

Hi Aussieleambo,
Start with the basics.
Get a wheel alignment and check the pressures of the tyres.
Advise the person doing the alignment of your caravan and loads etc and get him to adjust the alignment to allow for this. Also get them to look at the suspension, as they would also love to sell you new shocks. Standard shocks are ok, but after market ones are designed to be better for what you want them for rather than a general design to please most. I have looked at a set of Munro 4wd rear shocks and found it wold be a good upgrade, but money stops me for now.

The bounce test is also tried and true, bounce a corner as hard as you can and the vehicle should stop bouncing within 3 bounces, it can be a challenge with harder springs such as those found in a 4wd.

Hope this helps
6/Mar/2018, 5:50 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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