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Date Registered: 01-2016
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Moreton Island - Easter 2016

Headed over to Moreton Island with the family for 4 nights camping during the Easter school holidays. Aside from a day trip to Bribie some time ago it was first chance to test 4wd capabilities of my Exy.

Was very happy in the end with how it performed. The lift I gave her a few months ago was well worth it.

Got bogged twice. First was a Cowan Cowan bypass and that was my fault for stopping. Second time was at Blue Lagoon which was very soft and giving everyone trouble. My Treds got me out both times no dramas.

Middle Road was heaps of fun with its bumps. Take it slow and you'll be fine. Didn't make it to desert as a Prado got stuck and there was a huge line behind him, will try next time.

We camped in North West zone neat Bulwer bypass but might stay near Yellowpatch next time.

Just hope I have better luck fishing next time, otherwise was a great family holiday.
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