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Date Registered: 04-2014
Location: Central Coast NSW
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Servicing suggestion??

I have my X Trail serviced at the same place every service and so far I have been reasonably happy with what I get.

But the last two services have me a little concerned.
The second from last they told me I needed new rear brake pads and told me Id need them in 100klm.
I always do my own brakes as I trust only myself with this critical part of my vehicle.
When I checked the pads, they were less than half worn.
Well more than 100klm left in them.

This last service they suggested the engine mount torque rod bushes required replacement.

Has anyone had this done?
Is this a common thing at 130000k?

Or are they just looking for work?

Ford was great at this, finding additional work every time I put the company car in for a service, something was found that required replacement or repair, it worked out an expensive exercise.

Any help is appreciated

2010 T31 Series III 2.5 White Automatic CVT
A vehicles real purpose in life is to tow a boat
Guy Fawkes is my hero (Born 13/4/1570, Murdered 5/11/1605)
He was only trying to do the right thing
6/Feb/2016, 2:27 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 10-2010
Location: Bathurst, NSW
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Servicing suggestion for filters

Hi all,

Thought this was probably the most appropriate area to put some information regarding replacement filters for the T31.

As my Exy is no longer salary sacrificed I have started purchasing my own filters, and other items, for services. I have found an on-line company called Force Filters that supply compatible filters at a significantly reduced price, which I used for the first time for the 160k service. I am almost due for the 170k and thought I'd check locally to see how competitive the locals could be (I'd prefer to keep it local if possible). I went to Repco and what a shock I got when they told me the price of the Fuel filter - $170, which included a $10 freight fee. I then went to Auto One and they quoted $69. I hear you say why such a huge difference and the only answer I have, which a mechanic mate of mine often says about REPCO is - Rip Every Paying Customer Off.

Anyway went onto Force Filters and for 2 x Air; 2 x Oil; 1 x Fuel - $55 delivered :orders over $50 are free freight and it was actually cheaper to buy an additional oil filter than pay the freight charge.

The only issue is that the website is not very user friendly for searching and you need to have the following part numbers to search:

Oil - R2660P
Air - A1619
Fuel - Z891 (Diesel)
Cabin - RCA188P

So far I am very happy with them and the filters that I have used (oil & cabin) have been great quality with no issues detected. I have a K&N air filter and am only purchasing the air filters this time, for a trip to the Big Red Bash at Birdsville in July and then North to the gulf, so that I can easily clean them and dispose of if necessary.

Hopefully this information is of some interest and assistance to those of you who, like me, are trying to keep their costs down while still using a quality product.




2010 T31 Series III Manual TL Diesel Flint: Bash plates,Strut Bar,bonnet struts,Nudge Bar & lights,Bonnet & H'Light protectors,Side Steps,Roof Spoiler,Towbar,Kick plates, Pedders lift, dual battery, etc..
30/Apr/2016, 2:28 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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