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Date Registered: 02-2016
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T30 nudge bar brackets

Hi guys
I bought a couple of days a go
a used nudge bar, but without the brackets
cause the seller told me " you don't need them"
I wasn't sure but said to my son I'm to 95%
Sure that I need those.
So I bought it with a tow bar together and went
from wrecker to tjm to nissan ,
We don't have one, won't fit on the original one
And last but not least you can have the upper once
But the lower brackets are not longer available.
Do someone know where I can get those brackets from
, have one some spare parts 😏 Or could measure it for
me and give me the dimensions so I can fabricated the

Thanks guys

Name: Thorsten
Member ID: X-4538
Located: Brisbane South Side
2006 T30 2,5l ST 40 Anniversary
2/Feb/2016, 9:40 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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