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Date Registered: 07-2015
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"Auto" on vent control knob.

 At about the 8 o'clock mark on the vent control knob is the word "Auto". What does this setting do? The manual tells me it should cycle through all the vent positions, but mine just stays where it is even with the fan control on Auto. At its first service, Nissan checked other Xtrails and said this function wasn't working on those vehicles either. I have a series 3 which comes with climate control, so I thought it would do something, but no. Maybe it only works on Ti models. Also if the air recirculation switch is depressed for over 1.5 seconds, the two small indicator lights should blink twice and it should automatically cycle between outside and inside air, but thats not working either. Has anyone tried these two functions to see if they work or is it a Ti accessory?


X-4282 (c)
Glen Alpine, Sydney
2010 T31 Cvt STL
19/Dec/2015, 3:39 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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