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Date Registered: 01-2013
Location: Perth, WA
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Seabird to Guilderton WA

Another fantastic weekend on the tracks

This time exploring another new area of our beautiful West Coast.
We left Perth on Sunday morning for a drive north to the small town of Seabird.

Arriving in Seabird we stopped at the Tavern for a coffee before hitting the tracks.
The tavern offers great views across the ocean, with a great selection of food and drinks.
Heading south in Seabird we reached the entrance track that would take us south towards Guilderton.

At this point I let the Bridgestone D697 tyres down to 20 psi thinking I may have to drop them further later down the track.
As we made are way along, the Guilderton lighthouse was visible in the distance. This is where we wanted to reach.

The track twists and turns through the scrub, surfaces vary from hard dusty ground, very soft sand and limestone rock.

One steep limestone decent offered a bit of technical driving. Walking it first to find the best line for the Xtrail I then buckled up and gave it a go. Crawling as slow as possible the tyres were working hard not to slip. Pinned to my seatbelt it sure was steep as I reached the bottom. The Xtrail handled it with easy, a great challenge. There was also a chicken track if this wasn’t the route you’d like to take.

Stunning coastal views greeted us with a selection of areas to pull in and relax. Beautiful turquoise blue waters along with the rugged coastal rock made for great viewing, the noise of the ocean rolling into the rock was peaceful.

Although there was plenty of visible tyre marks on the tracks we didn’t meet any other vehicles.
Arriving at the lighthouse in Guilderton marked the end of the track and a great day out.

Stopping off in Guilderton at the stunning Moore River, where the river meets the ocean, only separated by a small sand bar was a great place to relax before the journey home.

Track Length: 10km
Track Conditions: Hard dusty ground, very soft sand, limestone rock
Tyre Pressures: 20psi at the start and down to 12psi for soft sand towards the lighthouse
Places to eat: Start – Seabird Tavern Finish – Guilderton Caravan Park Shop and takeaway


2012 Nissan X-Trail ST
Precision Grey - Petrol - Manual - 4wd
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