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Date Registered: 06-2015
Location: Barden Ridge
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No Name Mountain Fire Trail

hey guys
last sent me and my bro inlaw ( drives a holden colorado ) decided to do this track that found it in my book
           4wd Touring South East NSW and East Gipsland
as we were down the south coast for the l/weekend. Trip starts just south of Batemans Bay and ends at Nelligen.


i did this in my standard exy on road tyres at 30psi and bottomed out a few times but my rear shocks have an inch of sag .
this track really showed me what the exy is capable of. Definately do this track with another 4WD and recovery gear it states in book lots of low range required but pic your lines and only a little of esp required.
 lots of steep climbs and descents lots of river crossings a water hole for a swim and lunch and can camp there to . allow a day for the trip.
in the vid around the 3 min mark a massive tree was across the track so we had to make our own way around
cant wait to do this one again once i get my new shocks
hope you enjoy

X-1111 (c)
2011 T31 ST Auto petrol
8/Oct/2015, 9:22 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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