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Date Registered: 01-2015
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Ownership Thoughts After 10,000 KM

Well I have owned my T32 TL 6 Speed Manual 1.6LT Diesel since January this year and have just clocked up 10,000 kms. It had its 10,000 km service last Wednesday (price capped at $215.00) and had no issues that needed to be corrected.

For the first the first 6 months of ownership it was being used as the second car and did not do much work and was mainly used in the city, but this made me very thankful for the fuel economy of the 1.6LT diesel engine (which is a beauty). I work in the city so with the heavy city traffic to work and back, I was getting 7.9 lt / 100 km.

Now that the lease on my Mazda has finished, I have started the lease on the X-trail and it is now our main car. I have since done one road trip to Canberra. This was after filling up in Sydney, driving 300 kms through the city over a week, I then drove to Canberra, spent the day driving around Canberra and then drove back to Sydney, filling up in Burwood when I got back. Did a total of 968 km on the tank of fuel. The performance on the highway was impeccable, looping along at 110 kph @ 2100 rpm. It was extremely quiet and comfortable at highway speed (much more comfortable than my Mazda 3).

I have noticed since I have been driving it more, then engine has really started to loosen up, this could account for even more improvement in the fuel economy around the city, with it now at around 6.5 LT / 100 kms. The start / stop helps a long way to keeping the fuel economy down in the city.

I really love the head unit, with the incar GPS (which works very well) and the 360 deg camera. The way it integrates with my smartphone is exceptional and it is so easy to switch between paired phones, which impresses my wife, as she hates how the Mazda Bluetooth works. The last part of my drive back from Canberra was in the dark and the headlights on the TL are the best standard lights I have ever seen, especially on country roads.

I have absolutely no complaints with the car, everything is functioning as it should and it is a pleasure to drive. I hope to start doing a couple of tracks soon, to see how it handles off the tar and I am taking it to Townsville in November.

I really think the TL is the pick of the T32 range, due to engine performance, comfort and fuel economy.



Last edited by JLMUIR, 4/Sep/2015, 1:33 pm

John - X-4060 (c)

T32 TL 4WD Gun Metal Grey
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Date Registered: 05-2014
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7.9lph round town id be shattered with. Our T31 regularly does 6.5lph all day every day, about 500ks per week.

The 6.5 sounds much better to me, make sure you take it for a hoon every so often, those diesels don't like stop start driving very much.

I agree with you about the lights, our T31 has excellent lighting, seems to be something Nissan got right.

Member # X-3683

T31 Xtrail, 4wd TS, 2.0 Diesel Manual. Tempest Blue
Lightforce 170 HID, Nudge Bar
Geelong VIC
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