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Date Registered: 06-2015
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WARNING - those who have installed performance chips on T31 xtrails

Hi there xtrailers
I've been encouraged to post about my experience with a bearing fault in my T31 diesel wth performance chip. my partner is a mechanic and had heard of warnings about these chips being fitted while vehicle was still under warranty and decided to fit one on our xtrail when it came out of warranty. 12 months later and we have just spun a bottom end bearing. the link to my post about this saga is here:

Now while I was trying to find some reason why our xtrail did this at a young 155,000kms I came across this admission from nissan:

In a nutshell, nissan decided to reprogramme the ECM on T31 to lower its performance as a precaution for weak bearings that cannot hold up under heavy loads. I can only deduce that adding performance chips to the engine can only increase the load and therefore reduce the lifespan of such bearings.

Just food for thought...


2008 T31 TL 2.0 turbo diesel with CVT. Roof racks, side steps ARB awning, tow pack, dunlop AT2 all terrains. Spun bottom end bearing 155xxx, now on 2nd motor.
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