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Date Registered: 06-2009
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T31 lower door mouldings - DON'T GO THERE!

The black plastic mouldings clipped to the bottom of the T31 doors do a fine job in protecting the bottom of the door. They can get caught on high roadside verges etc and cannot be easily removed or replaced without damaging the clips or their mountings in the moulding. REMOVING:
The clips will not pull out of the door - excessive force will only destroy the moulding more as the mounting points are only joined by thin membranes. You cannot buy the clips separately from Nissan. Online searches for the clips threw up nothing. You can remove the front 2 clips by rotating 90 degrees in their elongated slot. The other clips need a thin edge tool to press one side of the retaining bayonet ( which is inside the door), so the clip can be rotated up out of the square hole.
The one method I didn't try was removing the inside door cover and attempting to access the back of the 7 nylon clips. I cannot see how you could get a tool inside the narrow space (approx 15 to 20mm.) in order to press the bayonets down anyway.
I tried several different re-attachment methods including repairing the mounting posts with plastic welding, liquid nails and sticking the moulding on with gaffa tape around the end and bottom edge, and in the end gave up. The moulding does not even have a wide enough edge to use a mastic or silicon adhesive to secure it. Although from looking at the door slots, it appears as though the moulding is designed to be replaced on the front 2 clips by pushing forwards and then the remaining 5 rear clips by pushing backwards, it is difficult to do if the moulding mounts are damaged. It is easier to remove all clips and re-attach the entire unit with the clips inserted in the moulding.
Cost is around $260 from Nissan and this includes the special nylon clips. The new part with clips inserted attaches effortlessly - just as well![img]
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