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Date Registered: 11-2014
Location: South Africa
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T30 Electric window switch service

Hi folks.
I had a choice of replacing my temperamental window switches or trying to fix them.
I decided to fix em and post my efforts here so you can see how easy it is.
It took about 5-8 mins per switch.

Start by lifting off the upper arm rest trim. No screwdrivers needed...just nail power.
Once off, you must unplug the switch and un-clip it from the trim.

You now have this.
take note of the orientation of all the pieces...

Pry off the switch cover GENTLY with a small flat screwdriver
Be careful not to let any shoot off! Under the black cap is a small spring and even smaller little steel ball.

Remove the white section from the black section. By prying loose 2 clips on each side. These clips are very easy to release...don't force them.
You will now see a white slide switch...mine was quite sticky and very dirty. It didn't slide well at all.
The sliding part must now come off. This is done by prying it loose GENTLY on each side.
It also releases very easily.
Be careful!!! There are a few very small components inside and within the slide you are taking off are 2 small springs. Work over a bowl to prevent losing anything.
As you can see its just an electrical contact problem. Over years the dirt has built up and even burned on a bit.
This didn't come off easily! I used an old toothbrush and some petrol to dissolve the grime. Even then a small blade was used to get the worst off. Both contact surfaces must be cleaned. The small brass pieces and the contact ball in the switch housing.

Time to re-assemble.
The brass plates go in like so.
next place the 2 small balls in the middle of each brass plate.
and push the 2 springs into the slide again. I gave my springs a little pull...just to counteract any reduction in size over the years.
Now quickly flip the slide over into place and squeeze it down quickly. Slide it back and forth and it will "seat" again.
You will feel a difference in the sliding action.
Re assemble the switch and remember that in the black switch cap you must insert a spring and ball as shown.
Test it by plugging it in before you finally install it again. I saved allot of money by doing this.
Every workshop just wanted to replace the whole switch!


Last edited by ZANL, 2/Nov/2014, 9:27 am

Nick Boshoff
T30 - 2005 Xtrail. 2.0lt Petrol 4x2 RHD.
2/Nov/2014, 9:10 am Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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