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Date Registered: 09-2014
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Perth Recommendations for mechanic / service center

Hi All,

I am new to Perth and need to find a garage to give my T30 a service and a general once over. Any recommendations?

I have come across the Robinson Brother recommended on other forums. They seem to be hardcore 4x4 specialists and very expense (they quoted more than the main dealer for a service and labour charges). Do you think they are worth the extra money? Is this a suitable place to take my xtrail even though it has not been mused much for off roading.

I also came across a recommendation for De Rosa Auto Repairs but this has now been taken over from someone new and is called Westralia Car Care. There quotes are very competitive $165 for a basic service and the guy seems nice.

Basic Service
Robinson Borthers: 320
Duncan Nissan: 240
Westralia: 169

Labour Costs (per hour, inc gst)
Robinson Borthers: 120
Duncan Nissan: 154
Westralia: 110

Both places said they would give the car a once over.

We are in Duncraig, North of Perth center. Anywhere local would be great but we do not mind traveling for a really good and dependable mechanic.
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Date Registered: 12-2011
Location: Kalgoorlie, WA
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I've had good service from Northside Nissan in Wangara. So much better than the Kalgoorlie dealer. They are quite busy but very accommodating.

x-2202 (c)
New: 2014 Ranger PX XLS 3.2 Mods
Old: 2011 X-trail T31 TS Series 4 Mods
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