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Date Registered: 01-2014
Location: St. Helens , Tasmania
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posticon Holiday on Sunshine Coast

   We arrived in Caloundra with trusty Vt Commodore wagon on the 10 July 2014 after driving from St.Helens to the Ferry at Devonport , then driving from Melbourne via Forbes and Armidale and records show I got 9.2l/100km on the trip.
    I bought my 2012 ST-L X Trail 4WD CVT in Brisbane about ten days after. During our holiday we covered pretty much everywhere from Brissy to Maroochydore plus the hinterland , then drove down the coast to Melbourne over 4 days to catch the ferry home to Tassie on the 29 August.
     I kept records of every fuel transaction - cost , mileage, location etc. After I got home I did the tally-up and I managed 9.29l/100km for the 3400 km I traveled in the X Trail. This was including a lot of short running around the cities etc. Quite a good result I believe , and overall a little better than the Commodore plus a lot more comfortable with my stuffed back.
      We're now in saving mode for the next trip in two years time which I'm hoping will be for two months at least around Tin Can Bay and may include buying a dinghy/motor for use while I'm there and reselling before I come home. ( I saw several suitable ones for sale on the trip for $1500 and less on the roadside).
       Great trip , thoroughly enjoyed it and the X Trail made it so much better in comfort and sheer driving pleasure. The economy of it was exactly as I expected , the entire trip covered 6500km and cost $1100 or near enough in fuel. javascript:clickicon('emoticon');

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2012 T31 X Trail ST-L Series 5 CVT 4WD
Brilliant Silver , Genuine bonnet protector , Front L & R narrow weathershields.
Hayman Reese towbar , Mongoose rear camera system.
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