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Date Registered: 11-2012
Location: Broome
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Tyre Dog Pressure Monitor

Hi Guys,

Awhile back I purchased a Tyre Dog Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) and a few weeks ago I gave it a good work out.

Firstly, it has a small unit that attaches to the windscreen like a GPS with suction mount and it connects via wireless to a sensor attached to each wheel. Now there are 2 types of sensors. valve sensors that replace your valve caps and internal sensors that need to be inserted when you change your Tyre at the Tyre shop.

I went with the external option so I could change them myself. They have locks that you can use so people can't unscrew them which i was initially using but with all the beach driving I do it was annoying to air down as it took twice as long so I have removed locks and touch wood no one has thought about taking them...yet.

You can program high and low pressure alerts and high and low temp alerts.

Advantages of this external option:
-You can change yourself aka if you get a flat you can put it on your spare.
-You can change the battery yourself too.

-Potential to break more easily

i have used them around town a fair bit and have noticed that they are accurate to about 1-2 PSI. Not exact but a good idea of whats going on.

I did a trip up the Gibb River Rd in July and covered about 500km of rough off road driving. Sensors still work great. Water crossings didn't affect them as they are water proof.

I managed to pick up a screw during the trip. I have my low alert set at 16 PSI as I have found that I don't need to drop my pressures below 18 PSI for the driving i do. When driving in sand sometimes its hard to tell if you have a flat as the steering is sloppy anyways. Just so happens I was driving in a sandy section when my alarm went off showing I had a low pressure in my rear left. i stopped straight away and saw the puncture. I plugged it on the car, re inflated it and continued on my way with the plug holding for the rest of the trip. When I got back to town I had it fixed properly for $40.

Now without the monitor I might not have felt the flat until I had been driving on it for awhile thus risking ruining the Tyre as I was on a side track that was sandy. For $180 i think its good insurance to save your tyres.

maxgmoore X-2776 (c)
My Ride
2003 Series 1 T30 Ti

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