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Date Registered: 12-2011
Location: Kalgoorlie, WA
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Holland Track (Hyden to Coolgardie)

Exactly one year after doing the Holland Track last year (see trip report here), my 4wd club wanted to do this trip again but with different. As usual, I was eager to do the track again.

Conditions this year were not as bad as last year but it was interesting to see how much the track has changed one year on. Track still had some bog holes and water which were still challenging.

This time, we started at Hyden end and made our way back to Coolgardie. We had more time to explore Wave Rock since we left Kalgoorlie on Saturday at 10am and arriving at Hyden at 2pm. The town itself was dead after 1pm Saturday. Our trip leader said it was because everyone was hy-ding.

Since there was a diesel shortage in WA over the long weekend, it did put a lot of people off.

Anyway, we camped at Wave Rock Caravan Park and set up camp for the night. A fantastic place with fantastic facilities.

After setting up camp, we went exploring Wave Rock.

A bit of wave surfing

Colours of the rock

I hardly took pictures and videos of the track this year as my GoPro was giving me problems and I just wanted to enjoy the track.

Day 1 of the Track started with us packing up and leaving at 9.30am and dropped tyre pressures at the start of the track. Since we had a different trip leader this year, we went up on Mt Holland and visited a man made well, made by the pioneers in those days when they carved up the track and well by hand!

The Hyden end of the track was still had the most interesting challenges including one spot where I was driving sideways coming round the bend. Somewhere along this end of the track, I blew the sidewall on the left front tyre without hitting anything. Just heard a bang and that was it.


Time for the spare and the wheel carrier was bloody handy with all the camping gear in the car. We kept going until we found a nice camp site and set up for the night. I also tested out my work light which worked very well.

Next day we started early and was hoping to be back in Kalgoorlie around noon. Roughly around the last 60km of the track, I hit a rock and it punctured the right front tyre in 2 places. Since I already used the spare, it was lucky that the sidewall wasn't damaged too badly that we couldn't plug them with pluggas. Unfortunately the pluggs kept coming out after every few meters and we just kept stopping to plug the bigger hole. The plug near the rim stayed put. After a couple more times, we swapped the front tyre to the back and the back tyre to the front to try to ease the pressure off a bit. It worked much better even though the pluggas still popped out. Due to the damage on the sidewall, we travelled the last 60km at 10km/hr-20km/hr. It was the slowest drive ever! It was pretty much sight seeing for the rest of the way but by chance also the easier part of the track. I reckon we used at least 25 pluggas.


Around 1.30pm I put in a call to a friend back in town on my sat phone to grab the stock size spare tyre which was off the spare rim from home and the space saver spare. Unfortunately she didn't know where the track was, didn't grab the space saver spare and couldn't come out to meet us. Mobile phone reception was very spotty so it was just SMS whenever we were in range but not long enough before it would cut out again.

We sent the Prado home since they had kids in the car in the last 15km while the trip leader and I crawled our way through. It was at 4pm that we finally got off the Holland Track and onto Victoria Rocks Rd.

I went as far as I could but it was getting very late and we weren't getting home until 11pm at this rate. So I put in another call on the sat phone to the family in the Prado to come get us with the tyre but it was too dark to do any swap so I left my car overnight at the nearest campsite at Victoria Rocks and had to come back the next morning with the fitted spare tyre. Finally got home around 8pm!

I was contemplating chucking out that stock tyre size spare and the space saver tyre and getting a 2nd spare that matches the size of my tyres for the Karijini trip in July. It was just because I was too lazy to chuck the tyres out that I had a spare to use. The only spare tyre I have now is the space saver spare until I get new tyres next week.

It's amazing how I did the track last year without any problems but this year had 2 sidewall failures on both front tyres. But then, the club recently had a streak of tyre punctures in the past few club trips this year. I guess it was my turn. Lol.

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