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Date Registered: 01-2014
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Oil for transfer case and rear final drive

Im going to change the fluids in both the front diff (transfer case) and the rear diff (final drive).

I know Nissan international service manual recommend an 80w-90 GL5 oil for both front and rear, but here in Sweden many mechanics recommend for example Castrol 75w-140 limites slip GL5 oil for the rear final drive, (even Castrol recommend it)

My question now is can i use the Castrol 75w-140 LS oil for the transfer case too?
Castrols webbpage says 75w-90 for the transfer and 75w-140 ls for the rfd, but should there be any drawbacks or problems to use the 75w-140 LS GL5 in both??

Best Regards

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