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Date Registered: 02-2004
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posticon **Flash-Back**2013 Forum Statistics**

Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd give you an update on how the Australian X-Trail Forum faired in the past year (2013).

January 2012: 73 new members
February: 57
March: 61
April: 63
May: 52
June: 50
July: 55
August: 47
September: 49
October: 48
November: 45
December: 45

Total Number of New Members in 2013 is 645 giving us a total member-base of 3458 members!

The 2011 Stats can be seen HERE and you can clearly see the jump in new members joining our forum which increased from 614 Members to 645 this year!

The winner is January 2013 with a massive 73 New Members emoticon Those of you who joined-up in this month should give yourself a nice pat on the back emoticon

The number of page hits our forum (board) has generated since has increased from 5,244,199 to 6,419,012 hits. This is quite an achievement and proves that our forum is getting very popular indeed. Another 1,174,813 hits for the board itself.

Since January 2013 our domain name of ( has received over a THREE MILLION hits on the Main Site.

I would like to thank everyone for their support, but special thanks go to the following members for their outstanding contribution through-out 2013:

Major Contributors

* cooch T31 (Tony) - Sold his Exy but still contributing to our forum which is MUCH appreciated. Tony is helping me greatly with the "Welcomes" for new members, as I have started to loose track due to the huge number of members we are getting emoticon

* Revhead Kev (Kev) - One of our greatest forum assets who continues to share DIY Guides and Tips with existing and new X-Trail owners. Thanks heaps Kev!

* Toddyh03 (Todd) - The NSW adventurer who has taken his T31 through some challenging tracks and seems to have explored its limits, so he decided to upgrade to something a bit tougher, but is still very much part of our "Exy Clan" and the trip reports he shares with us are very insightful and fun to read emoticon

Thank you guys!

Many trips have taken place in 2013 in many states. You can check the Trip Reports section for some awesome photos and video footage.

The other forum achievements this year were:

* Our very own Facebook Site now has 1063 followers
* Our very own Twitter Site now has 73 followers
* Our very own YouTube Video Channel now has 89 subscribers

Well, that sums it up I guess. What a fantastic year for the Australian X-Trail Forum and it will only get better from here with your continued support.

I would like to wish you all and you families a very Merry Xmas and a Superb New Year 2014. I hope all your wishes come true.....Please be safe on the road if you are travelling!


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