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Date Registered: 02-2013
Location: Gold Coast
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Gordon Country - Goomburra - Qld.

Over the September/October 2013 school holidays we had 4 nights camping at Gordon Country. It is in Goomburra, very close to the National Park

Gordon Country itself is a 4000 acre cattle property with about a dozen designated camping areas, however camping is allowed pretty much anywhere in the place..

Their website gives a pretty good rundown of the place. We really enjoyed it. The camping was great, and the creek running through the property is good fun for the kids.

The 4wd tracks on offer on the property are good fun and mostly Xtrail suitable with some challenges.

National Park rules apply for rubbish in that you take what you bring. The facilities are reasonable and we saw 3 x facility blocks around the property while driving around.

In summary, Gordon Country is in a beautiful part of the world and provides for some great camping and fun 4wd miles around the property. We will certainly be going back.

Michael X-2919
2012 Series V ST-L X-Trail
Diamond Black
Bash Plates (well tested).
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