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Date Registered: 04-2013
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Re: T30 2.5 AUT '06 - engine turns off when slow down or break in low speed.

Of course engine exchange would be better, but Xtrail with 2.5L is not popular in Poland, and its difficult to find it. My mechanic told me that he will put hardened valves so I hope they will withstand longer.

You know, I have installed LPG because in Poland it costs 2,3PLN / 1L and petrol costs 5,5PLN / 1L so it's half of price. In long term of using that car the repeairs want be so big cost, because I saved a lot at diffrence between the LPG/Petrol price. Since I bought my X i have driven 43.000km in 10 months and I have saved 16.000PLN in that time, so ...clear economics.

After this repair I will install lubrification to extend the life of engine and I hope that solution with stronger valvels will give me much more than 43.000km emoticon
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