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nissan24 Profile
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Date Registered: 02-2013
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t30 rear calipers

hi, for all you engineers out there, made a good discovery.
my x-trails rear calipers had partially siezed. here in the u.k you cant buy the sliding pins seperately . you have to buy the whole caliper at a whopping £314.
you can buy the caliper only without the pins or the carrier but its usually the pins that are siezed and beyond repair.
my discovery is that the pins on the mitsubishi pajero are the correct thread and with a bit of work fit.
one fits exactly just needs 5mm cut off the length.
the other needs the same and 1.5mm turned off the diameter of the shaft.
easy for me as i am a toolmaker, so armed with the pins and a caliper re-build kit at
£24.50, i re-built both my rear calipers for a total of £56.
much better than the £628 wanted by the dealers.

nissan24, x2907, 2006 x-trail 2.2 turbo diesel 136, sve.
12/Feb/2013, 11:26 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
cooch t31 Profile
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Date Registered: 06-2008
Location: Blue Mountains, NSW
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Always rewarding to pull off a little mod like that when it saves so much money.
You would have been able to get some really good after market callipers for the money that the genuine ones would have cost you.

Tony X-891c

HERE is my D22 Navara
HERE is my old 2008 T31, ST Series1

13/Feb/2013, 5:17 am Link to this post Send Private Message


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