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Date Registered: 07-2009
Location: Central Queensland
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Queensland Coast strip

Guys please restrict any travel from the Queensland coastal areas unless you really have to be there. The wind is coming your way Sydney.

There are bridges out in central Queensland and we are getting reports that it may take up to a month before some of the major ones are repaired.
If the people in these affected areas, can list where there are bridges out please do so.

Neerkol Ck west of Gracemere (Rockhampton), but before Stanwell. Has closed the Capricorn HWY in that area. Hopefully they will fix the back way enough for it to be used in the mean time.

Also the Telstra network is on the blink (again) for everything north of Kingaroy. It 'might' be back on tonight if the winds stay low enough for the techs and lineys to get in by helicopter to the 2 breakage sites. (Nankin and Kingaroy)

X-1316 (c)
Central Qld
2012 T31 TL Series 5 - Burning Red
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