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Date Registered: 07-2012
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Thanks Kev. I do have that light but it is used when a DPF burn is required so not sure if it would used for a manual trigger.

TBH I am having some issues at the moment with the DPF light coming on and then the MIL light after too many failed attempts. I have an aftermarket DPF with new sensors which has been ok for the past year.

I took at look at things today as i thought it may have been a clogged EGR stopping a burn however after taking it off today it's still pretty clean after the last time i cleaned it.

One thing i did notice however which explains the oily residue on the engine cover is there is a crack and hole in the intercooler inlet pipe to the EGR valve (well throttle valve first). I would expect this to interfere with the DPF process and possibly the intermittent DPF burn off failures i have been seeing. Sometimes the light comes on after a 100km motorway trip and i have to do an extra 10-15 mins to clear it - other times i do the same yet it doesn't seem to clear. It would interesting to know how the intercooler gasses and EGR valve process works to support the burn as i haven't see a complete write up anywhere.




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