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Date Registered: 02-2004
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posticon **Flash-Back**2011 Forum Statistics**

Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd give you an update on how the Australian X-Trail Forum faired in the past year (2011).

January 2011: 31 new members
February: 34
March: 25
April: 36
May: 36
June: 50
July: 37
August: 36
September: 32
October: 48
November: 32
December: 37

Total Number of New Members in 2011 is 436 giving us a total member-base of 2210 members!

The 2010 Stats can be seen HERE and you can clearly see the huge jump in new members joining our forum which increased from 291 Members to 407 this year!

The winner is June 2011 with 50 New Members emoticon Those of you who joined-up in this month should give yourself a nice pat on the back. This seems like a popular month for new members emoticon

The number of page hits our forum (board) has generated since has increased from 3,228,432 to 4,080,002 hits. This is quite an achievement and proves that our forum is getting very popular indeed. Another 850,000+ hits for the board itself.

Since January 2011 our domain name of ( has received over a MILLION hits on the Main Site.

The breakdown of forum visitors is shown below since January 2011:


The Top 25 countries from where we are getting these visitors to our forum:


I would like to thank everyone for their support, but special thanks go to the following members for their outstanding contribution through-out 2011:

Major Contributors

RevheadKev (Kev) - The never ending source of knowledge and electronic experience emoticon
cooch T31 (Tony) - Sold his Exy but still contributing to our forum which is MUCH appreciated
Freewill11 (Scot) - The continues poster in the introduction section prompting all newbies to vote for our forum emoticon
Johngqld (John) - The new T31 owner who likes to take everything apart and look deep below the surface emoticon
BlackThunda (Jamie) - The fearless Trip Leader who always encourages xtrailers to join in an outing and have fun! emoticon

Thank you guys!

The major highlight for 2011 for our forum must be the Combined NSW & QLD Trip to Woolgoolga which generated so much interest and coverage that everyone at Nissan Australia knew about it emoticon (well done to all involved)


The other forum achievements this year were:

* Our very own Facebook Site
* Our very own Twitter Site
* Our very own YouTube Video Channel

Well, that sums it up I guess. What a fantastic year for the Australian X-Trail Forum and it will only get better from here with your continued support.

I would like to wish you all and you families a very Merry Xmas and a Superb New Year 2012. I hope all your wishes come true!


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Date Registered: 06-2008
Location: Blue Mountains, NSW
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I agree Jalal, it has been a busy year as I believe the facebook site has a lot to do with.

I'd also like to thank Jalal and the admin team for their tireless work keeping the forum going, without you the forum would not be what it is today.

Tony X-891c

HERE is my D22 Navara
HERE is my old 2008 T31, ST Series1

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Johngqld Profile
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Date Registered: 02-2011
Location: Caboolture, QLD
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Re: **Flash-Back**2011 Forum Statistics**

Hi Jalal and All,
           Thankyou for selecting me one of the major contributors but I really believe there a many others out there who should have the honour before me, I am truly grateful. Thanks also for the tremendous effort that you and the admin team put in to make this the number one Xtrail forum in the world. This week I celebrate owning the Xtrail for 12 months and now with 43,000 klm behind us, I couldn't be happier. I have gone from a person who lived to work, to one who now works to live.

 There have been some great posts during the year, Evorock's pictorial of the engine rebuild, S970022 post on lighting the steering wheel leds and where that lead to, radiator protection, Jalal's post on the Woolgoolga trip report, Julie's (Trailx) post the problems and places she went on her way home to Marreba and Kitchen sink GPS units. It's also great to read what our international members do with their Xtrails especially those in the snow. There are also posts relating to problems, the CVT, towbar / tailgate, the diesel PCV problem, the power steering recall, but hopefully with Nissan's help, these will be sorted.

 If I had to select a forum moment, it would have to the support we had to purchase the banner the flags for the Woolgoolga trip. I seen Jalals original post in the morning and didn't revisit the forum until late that day and already it was well underway. To see them on the beach for the photoshoot with the XTrails lined up, was I sight I will never forget. Just a pity we couldn't organise the wind to blow from the opposite direction making the print the correct way. The trip itself and the people we met was nothing short of fantastic. Special thanks to Kev, Scot and Dave and for their help on the beach run.

 Thanks to everyone for their support during the year and special thanks to Jalal for making it all happen.
So, wherever you, your families and your Xtrail maybe be on this very small planet of ours, have a very Merry Xmas and a bright 2012.


X-1834 (c)
2010 Series 3 CVT Diamond Black. Tow pak, Nissan Nudge Bar, Bonnet and headlight Protectors, Fog Lamps, Radiator Protection, L/H Cargo Drawer,Rear Spoiler, Koason DVD/GPS, Pwr Window Delay.

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Date Registered: 01-2009
Location: Newcastle Australia
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Re: **Flash-Back**2011 Forum Statistics**

I would also like to say what a great forum this is, and would like to thank Jalal and Admin for their hard work.
I'm on here every day checking out the posts, mostly I just read them not being that technically minded to post any helpful answers emoticon
When I first joined it was just to research about the X-Trail when first purchasing, but has turned out to be much more, everyone on here is really friendly and willing to help, and do a lot of work in things like organising the trip to Woolgoolga which we really enjoyed.

Diamond White Series 1 T31 CVT Petrol
X-1111 (c)
Bash Plates
Rubber Mats
TomTom GPS
Garmin Etrex 10 for Geo-caching
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Date Registered: 02-2008
Location: North Maclean Qld
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Thank you Jalal for the above mention, I would like to thank you Jalal personally for all you have done for me this year and to the admin team and members for making this forum such a fantastic place to be.

Keep up the outstanding effort and 2012 will be huge for sure!

Regards Scot


T31 2008 CVT TI Series 1 Electric Blue
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