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Date Registered: 03-2012
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Re: Remove Tow Ball Hitch and wiring harness from my Exy-how?


Just a quick update on my progress.

I've decided to ring the harness supplier to understand where is the problem.

Essentially ,the idea was to disconnect the male/female plugs that go to the rear lamps on both sides and to piggyback the matching harness female/male plugs .

The left-hand side of the harness also incorporates the ground wire which needs to be connected to the terminal point adjacent to the main wiring loom.

Well , the job went smoothly without any issues. I used the plastic clip-on connectors to secure the harness in place . There is a rubber drain cap under the spare wheel which I used to route the harness under the bumper . A bit of epoxy to secure it in place and mission accomplished.

I thought that my experience might be useful for the DIY enthusiasts like me.

Kind Regards
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