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Date Registered: 05-2011
Location: Brisbane
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Stradbroke Island Day trip

Hey fellow peeps,

Just posting up here for interest sake only.

My wife and I are taking a day trip to stradbroke island on sunday 10 July 2011. Mainly to give it a bit of a run off road in gentle/ easy conditions. The plan is to basically traverse the island similar to this track and have a bit of a run on the main beach if the conditions are ok...

We are taking the 7am ferry from cleveland and returning on the 1400 ferry as the high tide comes in at 1500ish... (plus I have to get someone to the airport by 1700)

If you are keen to catch up, please post to this message board and I will respond accordingly..

As we are taking the 7am ferry, I'd suggest meeting up at the ferry dock @ 0630hrs.

Also, please note that I am not trained in leading any expeditions and as such hold no responsibility for any mishaps that could occur.

****Important disclaimer, please read the event rules before coming on this trip. They can be viewed here
 All participants on this run are to have signed off on the new trip rules as posted
before being allowed to attend this trip.

If you have non members attending this event, could they please read the rules and have them acknowledged by a member of the forum on their behalf!

Cheers, Jeremy

 X-1977 (c)

Last edited by Usdkaant, 6/Jul/2011, 5:32 pm

Jeremy Ross, X-1977(c)
2010 TL Dci (Rex),Manual,Nudge Bar, Roof racks, 235/70 R16 Federal A/T's, Pedders Lift Kit, Bash Plates
Wish List: Tow Bar, Pod Trailer, Express Diesel Chip, Hi Tech Mufflers Exhaust, Lightforce 170 HID strikers
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Date Registered: 02-2008
Location: North Maclean Qld
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Would have loved to join you but we are pre booked for Sunday.

Hope you get some one to come along with you and have a great day out!

Woolgoolga would be a great trip for you to join and a great way to meet members you have not seen before!

Regards Scot

Last edited by freewill11, 5/Jul/2011, 9:34 pm


T31 2008 CVT TI Series 1 Electric Blue
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Date Registered: 09-2005
Location: Wishart Queensland
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Re: Stradbroke Island Day trip

Hi Jeremy, as much as I'd love to get out and about (been far too long), unfortunately I am booked up for a house move.

If anything changes, I'll jump back online and let you know!

Check your email, I have sent some info through for you about posting and leading trip.

Good luck with it all and if I can help in anyway, please don't hesitate to let me know. emoticon

Jamie & Vicky - X112(c)

(old) Black 2005, Auto ST-X, (Series 2)
(new) 2011 Series 4 T31 T1 (CVT Auto) Diamond Black
(2nd car) 92 Pajero (old but tuff) Red

Black Thunda is the name, splashin' around is the game!
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