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mfeodoroff Profile
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Date Registered: 09-2012
Location: Brisbane
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Re: Re:

I might be a little late replying, but the tail lights are different between series 3 and 4. Series 4 are LED (I think) and I think the reversing light is in a different position.

Mark (X-2639)
2011 ST Series IV 4x4 with CVT in Precision Grey
Cooper CS5s, Tinting, Towbar, Bonnet Protector.
Mods: Steering Wheel Lights, Bash Plates, DBA Slotted Rotors

3/Oct/2018, 7:31 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 09-2018
Location: Philippines
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Re: How to light up the steering controls & gear selector (T31 X-Trail)

hi all ...realise this thread is super old now ... but Im interested in doing the gear selector mod on my LHD 2011 T31 Series 2(?). I did the steering wheel mod already ..that was super easy..I tied it into the illumination circuit on the head unit supply ..looks great emoticon

I had the gear selector off this morning to have a look ... my legends are also just painted way at all to illuminate using my current part ...despite having the lampholder recess..AND the wiring already in place to just plug in. Defo need the indicator part with opaque legends.

My current part no. is 96940- JH40A ..... remember, mine is Im trying to suss out what the part no. would be for the relevant LHD part? ... have any LHD owners addressed that yet?

Im thinking perhaps the 'H' is the key ..between RHD (G) ...and LHD (H) ? .. if so, the part no I would need might be 96940-JH10A? ...instead of 96940-JG10A ..

I tried to narrow it down on epc but it doesnt seem to identify rhd & lhd seperately ... or maybe Im not looking in the right place ..

anybody have any thoughts guys?

actually..I've just re-read the gear selector posts...and it seems to suggest that the part no.s of the non see-thro part...and the see-thro part ..are THE SAME?! ... is that correct?
 John(?) showed a pic of his gear selector cover showing 96940-JG10A ..... and reported that it is NOT see-thro ...but the summary from Jalal says the correct see-thro part no. 96940-JG10A same?! ...
.Am I reading that correctly guys?
If that is makes ordering the 'new' see-thro part..a bit of a gamble ...could easily get the same non see-thro part as I have already?!

Last edited by Bertoknee, 11/Nov/2018, 2:05 pm

Graeme, Cagayan Valley, PH
T31 Series 2 2011 2.5 CVT 4WD
7/Nov/2018, 5:42 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog


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