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Date Registered: 02-2009
Location: Hamilton, VIC
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VIC/SA Members - Robe to Beachport Run

Jo has been asking (nagging) to visit Robe for ages so I figure seeing as it's a long weekend here in VIC coming up why not!

I also figure that seeing as the 4x4 track between Robe and Beachport is right there we should give it a go if we can get a couple or more vehicles.

I've got basic recovery gear - snatch strap and shovel.

Anyone else feel like taking on the dunes? Or anyone else already tried it and advises we rule it out?!?!

If we do go it will need to be on Sunday 13th March as we will be packing up camp on Monday and heading home to VIC. I'm not towing a 1T camper across dunes without low range.

If anyone's interested PM/email/MSN me and we can discuss meet up and the other pertinent details - otherwise it's normal as she goes exploring in the X emoticon

I know it's short notice but what's life without a bit of spontaneity?



Pete & Jo
Hamilton VIC
2009 T31 TS Manual, Platinum, Windows Tint, Blue Tooth, Tow Bar, Roof Bars, Cargo Barrier, Floor Mats, Dual Battery, Bash Plates.
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