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Date Registered: 08-2010
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Simple steps to mount a rear view camera to T31 (with Photos now)

Hi All,

After all the research and help from our forum members I finally have my rear view camera mounted to my T31 exy. It took longer(not knowing how to get things off) than what I expected. But now that I have done it, it shouldn’t take more than an hour to install if you follow the process below.

I will try to explain the installation steps as detail as I can. Happy to help should you have any questions/steps that you are not sure of or any comments are also appreciated.

The reason that I mounted the camera on the bumper bar instead of the tailgate(ie right next to the number plate light) was to eliminate the slow and painful(…hahaha)process of feeding through the RCA Video Cable & power supply from the reverse light(so the camera is on when reverse gear is selected) while still providing excellent angle and height coverage at this position. But it might require cleaning more frequently due to closer to the ground(this will depend on the types of camera, so please do check before you mount it).
Step 1
Remove –
(a)the drawer, hence the spare wheel;
(b)one side of front and back door kick plates by pulling them straight up(depends on which side you want to run RCA cable from – I used passage side);
(c)centre side penal by pulling it out(refer to pic);
(d)top penal under gear stick by using a flat screw driver pushing this penal up slowly by starting from where the yellow arror is pointing to (NOTE – need to disconnect the connector behind cigarette 12v power supply FIRST) (Check Step 5(a))
(e)two bumper bar clips underneath the bumper bar;
(f)one reverse light(there are 2 screws underneath and then unclip the light to take it out)(g)
(g)lift up the back seat to feed through the RCA cable later on.

Step 2
Connect power supply of the camera to the reverse light.

Step 3
Mount the reverse camera on the bumper bar.

Step 4
Feed RCA video cable through the rubber plug to where the LCD monitor is located at the front via the areas underneath the kick plates of back and frontdoors,

Step 5
Connect power supply of the monitor to the cigarette lighter 12v power supply. There are 2 ways to do it
(a)easy & simple – buy a cigarette lighter connector(eg Jaycar etc…) then hook it up to the power supply of the monitor. (NO need to do Step 1(d))
(b)easy but tricky – after you have disconnected it in Step 1(d), you now need to pull out cigarette lighter power supply wire so that you can wire the monitor power supply to it.(quite hard to do this as this cigarette lighter power supply wire is quite short hence hard to do it … took me a while to get it done but it’s worth it and looks better)
Step 6
Connect RCA video cable to the monitor(I am using a 3.5inch LCD) and now you have done it …


Last edited by xtrail 4x4, 17/Aug/2010, 12:16 am

Steve X - 1661
2009 T31 Diesel TL Auto, Platinum Silver
Bonnet/Headlight Protectors; S/Line W/shields;
AirbagMan airbags.
13/Aug/2010, 11:18 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message Blog
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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Re: Simple steps to mount a rear view camera to T31


xtrail 4x4 wrote:
I am still new to this site, so could someone please let me know how to post pics. thanks

Hi Steve,

Follow THIS guide on how to post photos on the forum and you can then practice a bit in the forum test section. You can also edit your post later on and add the pics where needed.


14/Aug/2010, 5:29 am Link to this post Send Private Message MSN Blog


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