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Date Registered: 02-2004
Location: Panania, Sydney
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Re: Newest Xtrail Fan enters the world

Congratulations Andy & Rebecca!

I guess it's been about a week now, and you've had no sleep for all that time like I did when our first was born...

Lots of good times ahead, and every second is worth it, no matter how many bad nappies you have to change or vomits you end up having to wear (and clean up!).

Josh is 17-months now and this morning he walked in and saw Brett's X-Trail on the forum calendar on the wall and was pointing and saying "car" (his favourite word for a long time now, and my fault!) I started showing them the rest of the calendar, saying "puddle" and "splash" and when we got to December he started saying "more". emoticon

He loves to sit on daddy's lap and turn the steering wheel (not while the car is moving of course!)

Rich. X-013(c)
'04 S2 ST Auto. Nudge_roofracks_tow_tints_Lightforce_GME_YokoGeoA/T-S_TBS_bashplate_50mm-spacer-lift
Click here to see >300MB of photos and videos All For His Glory.
11/Apr/2009, 3:04 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message MSN Yahoo Blog


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