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Date Registered: 02-2004
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posticon Forum Discount Offers Section Expanded

Dear Members,

In tough times like the ones we're going through at the moment and where many businesses are shutting down due to the poor economy, the least we can do is support one another and promote Australian Businesses.

As such, I have decided to expand the forum discounts section to include not only things related to 4WD, Camping and dealership offers, but to now also include other trades and businesses whereby members of our forum are directly involved in such businesses.

So, if you are a trades-person or a business owner and wish to offer your services at a discounted and/or reduced rates to your fellow members and their families, you can now do so using our forum and it won't cost you a cent in advertising.

All that you need to do is to email us on the admin mailbox stating the following:

1. Member ID and Username.
2. Business Name.
3. Business Type.
4. Location.
5. Contact.
6. The discount offer you're prepared to make.

Once approved, details of your discount offer will be published in the Discounts section of the forum whereby members wishing to take-up your offer can contact you directly.

It's that simple and no strings attached at all.

NOTE: You must be the business owner or an authorized representative to initiate the discount offer. Referrals to businesses you have come across or wish to promote will NOT be accepted. This offer applies to forum members only (no outsiders)!


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