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Date Registered: 02-2004
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posticon Threads created with off-topic content

Dear Members,

I have been noticing an increasing number of threads being created whereby a member would start asking a question about a particular subject and then throw in a totally un-related question in the same thread.

Example: A thread started with a question about front bumper removal and how it can be done and in the same thread, the member goes on to ask a question about tail lights or a car stereo not working properly (this is just an example)

Please note that such threads with such content is the perfect recipe for having the thread derailed from its topic and what it is meant to cover, it makes answering and providing helpful information more difficult, but more importantly, it makes finding such information by future members/readers who may have the same issue, almost impossible!

Always start a thread or use an existing one as if you are trying to ask the question on behalf of a group who may benefit from the information provided later on, rather than starting a thread that you think will help you immediately and which you can walk away from and forget about.

Our forum has been structured in such a way which makes finding information by all members and newbies relatively easy as it is broken down into sections addressing most if not all of the areas regarding the xtrail.

Please help us keep and maintain the same structure by thinking twice as to what goes into your post when you ask a question.

I am finding it difficult to manage an increasing number of posts with off-topic content and this (if continued) can lead that I will simply be forced to keep closing such threads until the message sinks in.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.


10/Mar/2009, 1:17 pm Link to this post Send Private Message MSN Blog


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