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Date Registered: 01-2009
Location: Rockingham, Western Australia
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Re: Hidden Amplifiers T30

I have been running around with this combo for about a month now and even with the high temperatures lately i havnt had and probs with over heating, only the monoblock is running atm as i still need to fabricate mounts for front splits. Have done some small distance driving (under 2 hours) and doesnt seem to be any cooling worries.

Still to be done:

1. Fabricate mounts for front splits

2. Re-design amp mounts to be metal and include floor bracing and mounting points for back corner sub boxes (maybe just one thinking of 'upgrading' to a single 10" sub in a tuned ported box)

3. Save for rear speakers as current 6x9s will not fit existing opening

Richard X1122
2006 ST-S 40th anniversary, manual

25/Feb/2009, 5:09 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message


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