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Date Registered: 07-2007
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Overlander Mag SUV Review

Hi Everybody

The January edition of Overlander magazine reviews the current Rav4 against new second generation X trail, third generation Honda CR-V and the new Jeep Patriot. The reviewers give a pretty good review and pick out each cars good and bad points. The results are,
Powertrains X Trail and Jeep more responsive Noise abatement Honda and X Trail
Best on road Honda
Best off road X trail and Jeep
Accommodation up front Honda
Accommodation back Toyota

As the reviewers point out depending what you intend to do with the cars would decide your choice. Their choice is the X Trail as they stated “ That leaves the X Trail not a winner by default but a winner on merit. Its refined spacious and well equipped for the money. Of this quartet it’s the pick offroad and the most fun to drive on road.”

Overlander wanted to test some other SUV as well but these vehicles were un available at the time and will be reviewed against the X Trail at a later date.

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