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Date Registered: 11-2007
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Steering Wheel Controls Upgrade

Hi there,

Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the steering wheel face plate to include the radio and (at a stretch) phone controls as shown on the European models? Is the wiring already in place for these functions so that only the face plate needs changing or is this bascially not an option? It's a shame that they've included so much else yet excluded what is almost a given on most vechiles these days.

Also when will car companies (not only Nissan) offer GPS as a standard option here in Australia? We always seem to miss out on that front for some reason...

Thanks in advance to any helpers...

19/Nov/2007, 8:51 pm Link to this post Send Email PM   Send Private Message
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Date Registered: 02-2004
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Re: Steering Wheel Controls Upgrade

Hi Doug,

I am not sure if you have seen my reply to your introduction post as the answer to this question. If not, have a look in your intro post HERE and also refer to an existing thread covering this subject HERE

Please use the existing thread to ask further questions about this subject.

In regards to GPS and after seeing what the new Toyota Kluger has to offer (including GPS and rear view camera) I think Nissan were VERY scabby with modern technology and this is gonna hurt them real bad in the market.

Reliability and a good name is one thing, but keeping up with modern age technology and offering it as standard is another very important aspect of a winning car combination.


19/Nov/2007, 9:18 pm Link to this post Send Private Message MSN Blog


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