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Date Registered: 07-2006
Location: Daisy Hill Qld
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Re: Bribie Island 25 April 2007

Hey Tony

Sounds like a great day, when i took the exy to bribe island last year (the day before the QLD photo shoot) the same problem with the big hole on the beach entrance almost clipped the guied post on the way out, one other exy the day i went, we exited the beach at the same time and both pulled up to look for any damage this hole may have caused. And i found out that the exy just couldn't snatch a landcruiser out lol (I told the bloke my car is only small)had a blast though, it was my first offroad trip in the exy.

Let us know if ya plan to go again soon i'll pack up the troops and join ya for a day out.


Does Bribie have a car wash like like the one up at Noosa when you come off the beach from double Island point?

I'm fairly sure bribe doesn't have a car wash ("Someone correct me if i'm wrong")i used the car lovers at Caboolture.



Black 2003 (series 1) ST-R Manual, Hyper Roof Rails, X-Trail Brake Decal, Dash Mat, X-Trail Floor Mats , Nudge Bar, Alloys, Tow Bar.
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Date Registered: 07-2007
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posticon Re: Bribie Island 25 April 2007 - update to September 2007


I thought I would add my recent bribie experiences to this thread.

After the large amount of rain and rough conditions, there wasn't a huge amount of beach to drive on, even at dead low tide. The rough conditions have caused there to be a "vertical wall" of sand between the beach and the dunes if this makes any sense.

There were also lots of fallen branches lying arround, especially towards the north of the island - care not to puncture tyres.

The entrance to the beach was ok (no signs of any large holes) but it looked like a digger of some sort had fixed a few dangerous spots. (the beach was closed a few weekends ago)

there was a large water crossing (about 1/2 foot deep) to get to the inland track due to the resent massive rain fall. This didn't pose any problems.

This was my forth time beach driving and I found 1st gear (manual) with revs between 2000 and 3000 rpm and "auto"4wd setting to work best for me. As the sand was pretty chopped up you couldn't really get enough momentum for 2nd gear (it was sitting on approx 2000 revs when in 2nd. Therefore it just didn't seem to have the torque. When you lost momentum the revs just kept dropping to the point of having to change gear anyway.

Next time I will try reduced tyre preasures.

No clearance problems encountered (with 2inch lift springs).

Bash plate also worked a treat to protect the underbody.

Hope this info helps

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